Friday, April 22, 2011

Baris Katekok Jago, The Living Reminder

Made Artana (49) motioned to 19 friends to get together with the bodies that appear immediately burned at Setra Desa Adat Pakraman Poh Ivory, Denpasar, Bali, when the ceremony Pelebon relatives Petangan Jero Gede, Tuesday (8 / 2) afternoon.

They use a cone-shaped headgear decorated with flowers and leaves shoes that cover the ears delight. They were dressed in white as well as cloth and trousers poleng (black-white), carrying spears, barefoot. Although not a real soldier, they are the introductory message.

Yes, they are sacred dancers line Katekok Jago. Of course it is all of the sacred, at least until the movement is danced attribute also has a message and warning. This dance is danced only when burning the bodies of Bali Hindu ceremony with the level of intermediate (middle) to the main (highest), while the small plane did not need to include this dance.

However, although as a complement Pelebon ceremony, all must obey the rules and regulations. Before Artana and his friends began to dance, stakeholders (religious scholars) have prepared a number of temples in offerings (offerings), especially chicken offerings Selem (black) small. After the offerings in prayer and sprinkled holy water, a few moments later they began to dance and usually in conjunction with burning bodies accompanied by gamelan gong.

Based on the book The Line Dancer of the publications I Made Badem Multipurpose Press (1976), dance this line appears in the XI century in the cremation at the time of King Hayam Wuruk and developed until now.

Line Dance consists of about 30 species, each having a different place and clothing use. Line dance example Katekok Jago danced only when accompanying the ceremonial burning of the bodies on Pelebon (Ngaben). This dance is danced by 20 dancers men who have melakoni purgatory first.

However, from year to year, not every ceremonial dances Pelebon Line. The reason is more on the ability of a family matter that held the ceremony because this dance is only as a complement. Understandably, though these dancers are ngayah (served selflessly), they also have to support his family so there is still a reward.
Ida Rauh Rauh Sebali Tianyar as one of the Hindu religious scholars said that this dance was full of messages, especially for families left behind. Those messages implicit in the symbols. A conical headgear, for instance, indicates that we all go to the above, namely God, Sang Hyang Widhi.

Not commercial

Furthermore, shoe flower or flower bud red symbolizes the leadership for themselves and the color is a symbol of heaven and purgatory. Leaves are juxtaposed with cheerful flower bud that means reminding yourself. Spear poleng sharp vision symbolizes brought forward and bold. In fact, similar attributes such as tie a scarf worn around the neck of the dancer is meaningful for man can keep his words.

"Essentially, all originated from yourself in advance for forward-looking and optimistic and surrender to God. Recognizing also, the real and eternal life is death. Everyone will die. Precisely when this life is temporary. So, this line dance is not really a spectacle, but needs to be understood and digested his message, "said Rauh Tianyar.

However, there are differences in meanings that circulate in the community about this dance. Most people perceive this dance a mourner to nature nirvana. According to cultural observers from the Institute of Indonesian Arts in Denpasar, Prof Dr Wayan Dibia, this misunderstanding worried. "Not a few young people are reluctant to learn to dance the sacred dances, including Line Katekok Jago, compared to commercial dance spectacle tourism. Because the sacred dance is considered not interesting, "serious Dibia said.

Then, what meaning is lost? According Dibia, sacred dance is physically unattractive and away from clothing to makeup sparkling than commercial dance. If modern dance is sure to meet the needs of spectacle.

While sacred dance that further highlight the significance that is implied when the dancers practice it. The dancers did not carelessly move my hands and feet. Dibia hope the younger generation as a whole are still willing to understand and differentiate between where the sacred dance and commercial dance. "All have their places, and can not be equated let alone mixed-mixed," said Dibia.

Artana stepped slowly step by step followed the other soldiers properly. Occasionally he looked right and left, according to the accompanying gamelan gong. About 20 minutes after the dance, and hope the message was delivered ....

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