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Do Something to Indonesia

We should maintain the diversity that united Indonesia, without exception

 raja ampat island

executive summary by Darmansjah
The atmosphere in Waigeo Aljui panoramic Bay, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, which swept bright sunshine early 2011, Saturday (1 / 1). The atmosphere was recorded from Waigeo Island, where Kalakay KRI-818 docked with the commander of the Sea Captain (P) Sunarya who were patrolling.

God was smiling when creating Indonesia. Beautiful lush country with all the diversity of cultural heritage. Diversity of local wisdom that teaches about the relationship between man and nature. Local wisdom, which is far from personal greed or a group, able touniting people of Indonesia for independence from colonialism .

However, now we can only feel the warmth of unity like that again at disaster sites. Thousands of people from different regions came directly to assist disaster victims. They struggled to evacuate the victims, bury the dead, to distribute logistics for refugees with no strings attached. Their joy is when watching disaster victims smile again. Nothing more.

Agent nobleness

They become agents of moral grandeur spreader nation has a population of 237 million souls. Country stretching from Sabang to Merauke, and from Miangas to Rote Island is evidently still has a strong humanitarian spirit.

Indonesia is not like sophist politicians who often do not produce a solution to the problem. Moreover, as the political scene lately has more incentive to voice the interests of groups rather than national.

The community tergiring fragmented life in the bulkhead primodialism and religion. They are increasingly caught in a democracy that relies on imaging consultant survey.

Actually there are many people in Indonesia who runs the noble values​​, such as mutual cooperation, consensus, and tolerance. Communities in Wasior, Wondama Bay District, West Papua; Mentawai Islands regency, West Sumatra; Wayame, Ambon Bay, Ambon, Maluku, and the slopes of Mount Merapi in Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region is still caring for the social solidarity of mature trees.

As in the Village Ramiki, Wasior. Agus brothers Sawaki (30 years) and Tera Sawaki (32 years) build a water pipeline from the spring as far as 100 meters to the location of temporary shelters the refugees in their village. Their efforts were not in vain. Magdalena Ramar (21 years) and 100 other refugee families no longer need to carry water from springs.

"Poor. If not assisted, IDPs have to haul water back and forth, "said Tera.


Without complaining about the government, Tera and Agus tried alone to build the pipeline of clean water for refugees. They also do not demand anything from the refugees for their toil.

Look alertness Yanto, the village head Banyuroto, Sawangan District, Magelang regency, Central Java. Yanto directly act quickly when thousands of citizens Shaman District, Magelang District, and District residents Selo, Boyolali district, fled from hot clouds of Mount Merapi, 5 November 2010. Banyuroto Village area is not a refugee. However, Yanto without doubt directly prepare people's houses, school buildings, and balaidesa to accommodate the refugees who physically and mentally exhausted.

Yanto directly asking each family in the village of Banyuroto donated five packs of rice with side dishes for consumption refugees. There is no question for whom rice is given or why every family should donate five packs.

They did it exactly like the freedom struggle of tens of years ago, when everyone fighting for the Republic of Indonesia. Not to race, religion, or their group. Banyuroto Villagers live it with joy. "Helping others is the duty of us all," said Yanti.

We learn from the disaster site, victims and volunteers aware of their strength is united. Conflict without a solution will only add to their burden and did not solve the problem. Decisiveness, transparency, and sincerity is the key factor to get out of the situation in the area of ​​disaster emergency department.

As in Hamlet Tumalei, Silabu Village, North Pagai District, which includes a remote region in the Mentawai Islands regency, West Sumatra. Residents worked together to build new settlements in an area of ​​7 acres which granted Saogo Cornelius (65), Christian Berisigep, Libertius Saogo, Robertinus Saogo, and Mortius Saogo (deceased), through his heirs, Nurman Saogo, voluntarily.

They do not care about trees white meranti, red meranti, balam, banana, coconut, and other economic-value crops are being felled to relocated residents. Cornelius said he has given up ground and garden to residential because it did not want to live alone. Now, three homes had stood up and followed the next four houses before all 43 houses are planned to be completed next year.


Community persistence value of nobleness nation run sometimes disturbed the temptation and seduction of a pragmatic politician. They use instant ways to embrace the support, then leave the people after getting the position.

Former General Chairman of Muhammadiyah's central leadership Ahmad Syafii Maarif said, at present, even the people of Indonesia are like being colonized by our own people. It is characterized by the efforts of various parties to exploit the people who, among other things, manifested in corruption practices that became

Syafii said, it becomes something to be aware because the initial symptoms of the destruction of the nation. "Indonesian people are feared to mimic traces the history of the VOC which was destroyed in 1799 because it encroached on corruption," he said.

Indonesia grew not because one group or class struggle. We should maintain the diversity that united Indonesia, without exception. Happy Easter Day, dd 22/04/2011

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