Monday, April 25, 2011

Remind me of Mentawai Tsunami Disaster

PADANG, When thousands of citizens of the Mentawai Islands earthquake and tsunami victims threatened with starvation because of the difficulty of aid into their territories, the governor of West Sumatra Irwan Prayitno instead chose to go to Germany.
As a member of Parliament who also chose to stay on to go abroad in the midst of disaster struck this country, Irwan also left a number of problems in a matter of handling the earthquake and tsunami in the Mentawai.
Chairman of the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia Irman Gusman who is also from West Sumatra justify electoral district, Irwan has gone to Germany. Even when contacted Irman, Wednesday (11/03/2010) morning, Irwan was in Dubai.

"Should the current psychological situation that is facing disaster, requires the presence of the governor," said Irma who claims to understand Irwan's departure to Germany.

According to Irma, he could not prevent the departure of Irwan to Germany considering only learned of his departure on Wednesday morning. "Maybe if I knew his departure from three days ago, I could always remind him not to leave West Sumatra," said Irma.
Irwan is the Governor of West Sumatra who carried "Partai Keadilan Sejahtera", the Reform Star Party, and People's Conscience Party. Former member of Parliament from PKS Faction is going to Germany to leave a mess in a matter of distribution of aid victims of the earthquake and tsunami in the Mentawai Islands.

Up to eight days since the tsunami devastated the three islands in the Mentawai group of Islands (Island Sipora, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai) distribution of aid is still not reaching many remote areas. Help keep piling on Sikakap, North Pagai Island, the place chosen to concentrate assistance that came from Padang.

The reason for the bad weather and high waves was blamed as the cause of aid distributed to a number of remote areas like the Village Bulasat and Malakopak in South Pagai which is the worst affected areas.

"We also wonder why the weather continues to blame, but we've been able to penetrate the territories at the end of the island that were previously impenetrable said boat for help," said Joseph from Lumbung Derma Camp Coordinator in Sarogdok.

Lumbung Derma is a network of NGOs in West Sumatra which coordinates assistance for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in the Mentawai Islands. Joseph confirmed, thousands of disaster victims is currently threatened by starvation because they still have not contribute aid to their regions well.

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