Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let us go to Jogya

come to Jogyakarta

Yogyakarta, the city where it seems all there. Namely  in the city has a super culture, overseas to study, and loaded with many options sights. However during a visit to Yogyakarta, there will be many things that can be packed into fruit hand and memories. This city also seemed to never stop primp and fix themselves. Improvement and the addition of public space and infrastructure to support tourism and related industries continue to be done. As the city is the reference entrants to conduct the study, tourism or business activities, the city has made itself into a modern city but with no specifics and stripped of its cultural spirit.

Although some time ago was rocked Merapi eruption, but Jogya remain safe and comfortable because it is located outside the danger at  Merapi zone. So there is no reason to fear a stopover in Yogyakarta, stop by and taste the hospitality of local wisdom breathe. Geographically, the city also will be able to easily accessible from and use whatever mode of transportation. If you use a flying ship, the city's available airports are relatively close to the heart of the city. Similarly, by train. In Yogyakarta, the railway station in the city, a stone's throw in Malioboro. By the way darata, you also can use two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel to arrive in this city, with access to roads. For Hotel and Lodging, no need to worry. Starting from the periphery to the center of town, lodging  hotel and  scattered and you will easily find it.

Not to Jogya if you do not stop to Malioboro. Once the typical credo that we often hear in the affairs of a haven and an attractive city. Malioboro, as is known, is a tourist icon that has been very popular in national and international tourist map. Walking along the Malioboro, easily will find a lot of knick-knacks Jogya typical. You can buy batik, handicrafts and unique souvenirs in this place as a fruit-hand to colleagues or family at a price of course friendly. If your culinary tourism lovers, be sure also do not miss to try to stop in this area at night. Lesbian and pedestrian shop  will welcome you with hospitality and culinary peculiarities. Along Malioboro at night, it would seem  extremely exoticism of this city. Do not worry, at night, traditional transport rickshaw to take you down this legendary region. Strident street musicians will be heard behavior  with flickering lights of the city. The night was very friendly to you. Of course this city not only has Malioboro only.

There are plenty of public space and tourist attractions that can be visited for more complete your memories. If you are interested tour of the temple, there will be many attractions of the temple in the city. A popular course and the Temple of Prambanan Temple complex Boko. In this place, you will feel the exoticism of archaeological and glory of the past in addition to the museum and the palace of Yogyakarta. However, nature tourism in Yogyakarta no less tempting. Call Parangtritis, Baron, Kukup, Kokap, until Beach Trisik if you are interested in the beach as a place for relaxation with taulan companion. A pinch of memories and the comfort of memory could be cracked trouble you gulp of these fascinating places.

As a city full of dynamics and do not stop exploring creativity, Jogya seemed never silent from arts and cultural agenda. And at the end of 2010, has held several special attractions as ketoprak student (December 23, 2011), Batik on stage & Night on bicyle (31 december 2011), and VSC old & new year race nite 2011 (31 december). That romance is wrapped in a typical kehangata Jogya past you will gain. Is not framed by memories of a trip which is a necessity? Come, to Yogya! [HDG]

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