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Mosque Keramat Luar Batang , which Mosque Keramat “  No Longer Old

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That said, if there are birds that fly just above the dome of this mosque, could immediately fell and died, said one resident who refused to be named and lived around the sacred mosque outside the bar.

Being in the village area outside of sterm, Jalan Luar Batang  V, crawl, North Jakarta, a mosque outside the bar is indeed regarded as a sacred mosque that holds traces the history of the spread of Islam in Jakarta.

Not too difficult to find the location of this Luar  Batang  Mosque. Entering the mosque complex, visitors are greeted by rows of beads and perfume merchants that decorate around the mosque complex. The mosque which had been outstanding for more than 200 years it was virtually never empty of visitors, mainly from the audience of religious and historical.
The pilgrims are deliberately came to this mosque since hundreds of years ago for a visit of two prominent Muslim tomb inside the mosque. Two figures in question is Habib Husein ibn Abu Bakr al-Idrus the founder of the mosque who died on June 24, 1756 and his disciple, namely Haji Abdul Kadir, Islam spreader Chinese descent.

Habib Al-Idrus is believed to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad's family line and pious man who preferred (guardian). No wonder if the pilgrims are felt with the visit and pilgrimage to this  Luar Batang Mosque their prayers will be answered faster. The crowd was not only the citizens of the archipelago, but also Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, even from Yemen was also there.

Even though has undergone renovation several times because often flooded and submerged, the authenticity of the mosque, ceiling and teak frames made ​​in the Netherlands
a very Antic da nsudah hundreds of years old. In the interior is still original. Although not look old and authentic as always, this mosque still has allure.

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