Friday, April 8, 2011

La Kasa Cave, Blue Lake in the bowels of Earth City Baubau

Executive summary by Darmansjah from Arsyawal Anadalle (sumber kompasiana)

In addition to the area known as the former empire that keeps many historical relics of the past, the City Baubau also rich in natural tourism potential and special interests.

One of the locations of natural baths in the city of Baubau is  La Kasa cave. This cave is located in the Village District Sulaa Betoambari, Baubau.

Location of La Kasa cave bath was first discovered one resident called La Kasa. That is why the cave which has a depth of about 100 meters is given the name La Kasa Cave.

To visit the Cave of La Kasa bath is very easy. Path that connects the site with the highway have now been opened by the City of Baubau.

It's just a beautiful natural baths are located in the bowels of the earth. The entrance is only about the size of the adult body that seem isolated. But after the entry into it was found that quite stunning natural beauty. In it there is a clear expanse of lake water and cool. All around there are stalactite and stalagmite are very beautiful. This indicates the occurrence of this underground lake has centuries-old ever.

According to residents in the village Sulaa Betoambari districts, water in this cave was never dry and is predicted to be able to accommodate the needs of clean water for local residents.

However, the beauty and natural scenery and the cool water in the Cave of La Kasa is still rarely visited by the public. This is due to the location in the middle of the forest terrain is also quite challenging. If located in the vicinity of the location of the entrance to the Cave of La Kasa may not appear any signs if there is a footrest under a blue lake that has a beautiful panorama.

Although rarely visited by local residents, but the presence of a blue lake in the Cave of La Kasa has been frequently used as a recreational event for people from outside the city of Baubau. foreign tourists did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the cool water in the lake Cave La Kasa every time visiting the city this fragrant.

If during this, the City Baubau only known to have several tourist sites such as Fort Palace is the largest in the world, Pantai Indah Nirvana which has two colors that are often used as a clinic Baubau residents of sea water therapy, Kokalukuna scenic beaches, natural bath water falls in the Area Tirta Rimba, also a location that is not less interesting is the Blue Lake Cave La Kasa.

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