Sunday, April 17, 2011

Browse Mountains Menoreh

Menoreh Mountains are the mountains / hills stretching across the northwestern region of Kulon Progo Regency, east of Purworejo District, and part of Magelang District, as well as a natural boundary for the third district. The hills are formed from volcanic rock and not the shape, length ranging from Bagelen region to the north until you reach the west side of Magelang.

Although I had some time exploring the hills Menoreh places that have unique and beautiful natural scenery, but do not make me feel bored to come again. Especially where I have not had time to go is a pretty famous 
place in the area of ​​Bukit Menoreh, namely Peak Suroloyo.
Until finally there is a friend  invitation to explore the Peak Suroloyo,  exploration at that time we did in order to enjoy the sunrise from the summit. So we set off early this morning, but unfortunately it did not get to the sunrise moment we enjoy. Since we arrived on the scene it was already daylight and the atmosphere is very thick fog. And we have to wait until the fog when it went to enjoy the natural beauty of the Peak Suroloyo  in that morning.

The suroloyo ‘s peak is located in the hamlet Keceme, Gerbosari Village,  District Samigaluh Kulon Progo Yogyakarta. It is one of the highest hill in the mountains Menoreh with a height of approximately 1,000 meters above sea level. From the top of the Peak Suroloyo we can enjoy the beautiful landscape. When the weather is sunny in the morning, we can look at six top big mountain in Central Java, namely, Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing, Ungaran and Peak Telomoyo. No less cool than this peak, we can also see the Borobudur Temple in Magelang also seen quite clearly.

Once satisfied scenery of the Peak Suroloyo and perpetuate some of view presented, we were headed for the sunny weather and blue sky had begun to fade.

By then we already do not have a hunting destination again, but it was still early enough to return home. And we did just push our vehicles down the street in this Menoreh Hills, until finally we entered the border area between the district of Kulon Progo Regency Purworejo. Along the way we saw a waterfall at an altitude of the hill, after asking residents who are passing it turns out that waterfall is in the region Purworejo.

Since that time we did not have a goal, we decided unruk visited waterfall. After several times asking questions and through the streets with extreme conditions which severely damaged the road, we finally arrived at the Village District Benowo Bener, Purworejo. In this Benowo Village has four waterfalls that the location far from each other, guided by a local resident we explore two waterfall only.


The first waterfall we visited was the Curug Klesem. This waterfall was still very natural and rarely in touch by humans, because it is behind the residential population and are behind thick wild bamboo tree.

Next we went to waterfall Benowo or also known as Prince Benowo waterfall, because on top of this waterfall there is a ruins of Prince Benowo. And on top of this waterfall is also still there is one more waterfall which is also still experience the waterfall Padusan a supposedly better, but we have not had time to come.


Benowo area is a highland region where the air is cool, so a trip to this place enough to raise our adrenaline because we have to go through the steep streets to the ravine on either side, but along the journey we will be treated to a variety of natural beauty that is a stretch of hilly Menoreh , the green expanse of rice fields and rows of pine trees are quite dense. The village is also the largest producer of cloves in Purworejo district.

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