Monday, April 11, 2011

Garbage in Kuta invasion until May

Garbage in Kuta invasion until May

Kuta, Kompas - Invasion garbage to Kuta Beach, Bali, is expected to continue to take place until late May. Thus, a janitor Badung and Bali still had to work hard to clean beaches that became a favorite tourist location.

Head of Data and Information Center for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency Region III Denpasar Endro Cahyono, Saturday (9 / 4), suggesting that the cause of waste in a number of beaches in southern Bali, it was the wind from the west.

According to him, the wind is blowing from the west bring all trash from the Indian Ocean, which is then stranded in Kuta Beach, Seminyak, up to Legian. "The three beaches, especially Kuta Beach, located right in the basin in the southern island of Bali. Because the shape of the basin, the waves held up and trash piled up on the beach, "he said.

He added that the western breeze that usually happens every year so that any incursion regular garbage every year. Light and heavy trash such as pieces of wood, he added, could come from anywhere, including from East Java.

Usually, the west wind lasts from December to February. "But this year lasted longer due to the influence of La Nina," said Endro.

Separately, the Bali Tourism Board chairman Ngurah Wijaya respond calmly preaching 1 April issue of Time magazine titled "Holidays in Hell: Bali's Ongoing Woes". For him, the article is fact and not have to be denied or refuted. Moreover, the news highlighted in the only state in southern Bali, especially in Kuta. "Bali is not just Kuta and the condition is not available in all areas of Bali," he said.
Ngurah Wijaya admit, Kuta Beach is a favorite location for tourists, including for the first time to Bali. However, not only beach in Bali in Kuta. If you want to enjoy the beach, tourists can go to Lovina Beach with dolphins in Buleleng, Sanur Beach in Denpasar, Candi Dasa in Karangasem, and Tanah Lot in Tabanan.

The important thing is, how to follow up on this criticism and overcome existing problems, "he said.

Stay busy
From the observation Compass, until last Saturday of tourists still come and have fun fun to play at Kuta Beach while watching the workers cleaning the beach.

A number of the police, hotel employees, and the Unit Officer Kuta beach from morning till evening rollicking picked up and clean up the garbage that littered the sandy beach.

Chief Officers Unit Kuta Beach Tresna IGN even admitted impressed that greeted a number of tourists who are sympathetic towards the beach cleaning activity.
"We are on alert until the days onwards and keep the trash is no longer littered with annoying visitors," said Tresna.

He welcomed the commitment of the Government of Badung Regency are willing to send any trucks to haul garbage for 24 hours.

According to records Compass, Bali tourism bring in about 2.4 million foreign tourists via Ngurah Rai International Airport in 2010.

This year the government is targeting 2.7 million foreign tourists visiting Bali. (AYS)

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