Monday, April 11, 2011

Record Stories Behind the Images

Record Stories Behind the Images

By Darmansjah

Increasingly, photography lovers increasingly spread to various levels of society. Plus the rise of social media networking, many people want to show the expression and sharing of stories through the photographs they take.

The popularity of pocket camera which take possession of  powerful features, small, lightweight, easily portable, attractive design with various colors was a choice for the urban. Although not recorded, the camera is the most widely sold is a pocket camera. People who want to perpetuate a picnic or a birthday party but just had a little general fund is the buyer. Or, those who just want to take pictures without wanting to pay too big.
Although more widely used of the laity, with the correct usage, a pocket camera can produce images bright. Is not the main tool, but tools also require photo quality. Sala hsatu new output digital compact cameras worth considering are the Canon IXUS 220 HS packed in the thinnest design, and super-telephoto camera sx23 PowerShot HS.

Latest features offered by the second camera is a Movie Digest. With this feature, you not only have pictures of a charming but also recording the moment as far as 4 seconds before each photo shots. All in just one click so that the moment was captured perfectly without being missed. This feature also automatically will always do the storage of photos and video taken in a single day in one same folder so easy to find and uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

Equipped with HS System, a digital camera is capable of producing sharp images, even in low light. Also equipped with the DIGIC imaging processor with high sensitivity, the result will be natural with low noise even if not using a flash or tripod. Freedom of expression and creativity you excavated with Creative Mode Filters. There are 6 creative effects filters including Toy Camera for giving a vintage effect. Other settings to create the feel of a photo such as warm, and cool standards are also available. While monochrome allows users to take photos in black and white, sepia or blue to create dramatic effect. With the wealth of this feature, you can record images with a good story.

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