Monday, April 18, 2011


I was a less happy with the party. Attending or preparing for a party someone is an activity of a different and I would really enjoy. It often happens at my birthday commemoration, the activities that I choose is passed only with family, eat at home together or go outside to enjoy it at home. Birthday yesterday I decided to pass through while on vacation. Besides enjoying the beauty of other cities also divert yourself a break from daily routine.


The aim
this time is to the Aquitaine region, located in the southwest of France, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish state. The city's first target is Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Our plan will stay in one of the fort that has changed the function as a place of lodging. The owner of this castle is one of coincidence old acquaintance.

The long journey of about 10 (ten) hours that we go with this car, we will pass within 2 (two) days. We will look for lodging in a part-time travel. Currently entering the autumn, where our goal is relatively much warmer temperatures than the area where I live. Thus it remains cold preparations  clothing should be available.

What is also quite caught my attention in this region of Aquitaine is the number of Fortress and Castle everywhere. In fact, many who read the notice board in front of him SALE.

Dune du Pyla

du Pyla is a mountain of sand that is located not far from the town of Arcachon and is about 60 km southwest city of Bordeaux. A high sand dune more than 100 meters, with an area about 500 meters and extends along 3 km along the coast of southwest France is Europe's highest sand mountain.


Biarritz is located near the border with Spain is also famous as a city or resort (health resort). The city is a place very pleasant and ideal for lovers of fashion and art as well. Also here is also famous for its water sports surfing.

Biarritz was once just a fisherman village which is not too well known. At the time of Queen Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III visited this city, he built a single building as their residence. Later this building became their permanent residence for visiting Biarritz in the summer. Now the building into a hotel under the name "Hotel du Palais", also commonly referred to as "Eugenie Palace".

Good traveling  for those who want to vacation in Aquitaine ..!


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  6. We have a holiday rental near Villeneuve-sur-lot and know the area well. You might try some of the many watersports, like canoeing and waterskiing at nearby Casseneuil too.
    BTW that second picture down is one of the best pics I've seen of 'La Pont Vieux' (The Old Bridge !)

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