Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Round BajoKampung Bajo Tribe

Bajo ethnic community known as excellent sailors. They also referred to as sea gypsies because life moves to set up house on the rock pile in the middle of the sea, known to step on the house.

However, these conditions differ greatly with those who live in the village of Mola, Wangi-South fragrant, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi. In this area difficult to get a picture of that society as a nomadic tribe Bajo again. They live in stone-walled houses can still be found even though the houses are built on a step on the pile of rocks that jutted into the sea.

In the village of Mola it is easy to find the motorcycle crossed the narrow alleys. Houses in the township Bajo tribe has also been a lot of that comes by means of entertainment, such as television sets until the disc record player. Teens Bajo tribe even with familiar use cell phones in their daily lives. In fact, a small shop parking pool table as a means of entertainment. Incredible, is not it?

However, the authenticity of the tribal people known as the Bajo sea gypsies were still clearly reflected in their daily lives. The creek that leads into the sea to "highway" for the local community. Small boats or known by the coli-coli and forth passes. Bajo tribe children cheerfully throw myself into the water, swim while occasionally showing starfish that are still often found.

Wakatobi which has a natural beauty under the sea seems to be the last haven for more than 11,000 community mental Bajo tribe. They live side by side with people from other tribes. All these changes into a new chapter for continuity of generations Bajo tribe. Nevertheless, the motto "The Sea is my brother"probably will never fade from their memory .

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