Friday, April 29, 2011

And The World Was Enchanted

Prince William kissed his wife, Kate Middleton, on the balcony of Buckingham  Palace after their wedding ceremony in London, England, Friday (29 / 4).

And the world was enchanted

London - The world admired the seconds following the wedding procession of  Prince William and Kate Middleton in London, England, Friday (29 / 4). Grandeur  and greatness of the United Kingdom appears in the best shape. All of that makes  people look away for a moment from a variety of problems, misfortunes, and  disasters that hit the world.

Each detail of the procession like a fairy tale wedding come true. Since the car carrying Prince William and Prince Harry drove into Westminster Abbey, the masses like trance feel of happiness. Similarly, when Kate and her father, Michael Middleton, drove a similar location. journalist Retno Bintarti reported   from London, overnight.

In the church, the couple down the aisle accompanied by the song "I was Glad" by  Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry. Kate's brother, James Middleton, presents  readings from the Gospels, Romans, Article 12:1-2, 9-18. Strains of classical  music a touch of Elgar, Britten and Vaughan Williams graced the celebration in  addition to rebound hymn "Jerusalem" and the song "Greensleeves" with melodies  British nuances.

"I declare they became husband and wife," said Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan  Williams in a wedding ceremony that took place solemn and serene, was watched by England's Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, family, the nobles of the world,  and the super VIP guest of the world. William and Kate are now officially bears  the name of his Majesty (His Royal Highness / HRH) the Duke of Cambridge and His  Majesty (Her Royal Highness / HRH), the Duchess of Cambridge.

Shouts of joy when the couple left formations Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace with a golden carriage. Audiences were abuzz walked toward the balcony of  the Palace. They await the bride and groom kissing. "Everyone is looking forward  to this. First kiss felt less and the audience asked for more, "said Jennie Bond, UK observers.

Lovecouples were doing a second kiss. "Massa was suddenly wild," says Bond who  saw the couple on the balcony, which also features attractions Royal Air Force  planes over Buckingham.

Aura of happiness and optimism emanated from couples who have formed a love since they were in college.

Sutherland Flora of the Isle of Skye of Scotland, who is now serving in Kabul,  Afghanistan, saying also watch via television. "We want to celebrate this  moment."


British soldiers at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, contributed  to say, "Good, yes, to William and Kate."

In the afternoon, William and Kate return to showing surprise. William driving  a Aston Martin Volante with license plates that read JU5T WED (newly married).  Prince took the car from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House, Prince Charles  occupancy, through audience roared back.

This is a wedding-like grand entertainment that echoed throughout the world. David Beckham and wife Victoria, also feel the happiness. "Beautiful and  touching," said the couple who flew from USA to UK.

Crowded but orderly


Events to look forward to it was over. Around a million people since a few days  waiting for the big day, Friday afternoon, broke up with orderly. London sunny  weather with temperatures 10-16 degrees Celsius and create the atmosphere of the city is really vibrant.

The presence of officers on nearly every street corner really helps the audience  who come from different directions. Despite the often heard cry of the officer  who tried to set the masses, it did not reduce the splendor. Moreover, not  infrequently also say thanks when officers obeyed his instructions.

Because so many visitors, not all can stand in the street that passed through  the bride. However, information about the full path visible through the sort of  display, such as "ceremonial route road and park St James'full'. That way the  masses do not have to force myself headed to the parade route.

Anticipation of the possibility that the masses can not see the bride is done by  installing giant screens in Hyde Park which is still next door to Buckingham  Palace.

A number of Indonesian citizens look at the ocean mass. a tourist, from Jakarta,  which should have been returned on 26 April after a tour around Europe, to  extend his visit.


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