Monday, June 20, 2011

The Basilica Catholic Church In Washington D.C.

Text by Sjarifudin Yosuf ,executive summary by DarmansjahGodjali

In the summer of last year, our family had the opportunity to follow the celebration of Mass in the Basilica Catholic church located in Washington DC Our aim to follow the Mass in this place and not in our parish, is just fulfilling our desire to see the church building that looks very glorious. Absolutely this church, according to information we collect, is the largest church in U.S.A

 the Basilica Catholic church  

As usual before the Mass started, we were very quiet surrounding circumstances caused the people are preparing themselves to welcome the holy mass. Also a place of prayer wide, making the atmosphere more wisdom. Sacristan standing dialtar just looks small body figure is seen from our seats. While waiting for the arrival of a priest, I noticed the building interior while remembering information about this building which I get from google.

 church interior

Days of the 19th century, 20 and now 21, Catholic followers in America really have built a church that matched the churches in Europe and another hemisphere .Not only size, but also activities in the sanctity of art, architecture, history, and heritage.

This building is dedicated to the Virgin Mary with a virgin is not reprehensible. This Frame title  is a holy place with 70 leading chapel (small church) and a place of prayer people, culture and tradition which is a tapestry of trust Catholics and mosaics of the great American nation.

 the dom inside the church

Basilica church used as a place of prayer, pilgrimage, evangelization and reconciliation.

When the service starts until the finish, it takes approximately 1 (one) hour. Our impression with this Mass, is the way the priest who gave the sermon quickly and feels monotonous, without dibumbuhi with the light-light. This may be due to the limited time fixed for them. Due to Mass was held for 365 days every year, where every day was held 6 times the mass and 5 hours for confession.

The church is a symbol of labor and love of the American church from the 19th century until today ini. In the process of activities really depends on the generous church to continue its mission.

So first report, the sign of peace, God is always with us.


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