Monday, June 6, 2011

The beauty blend of East and West

Turkey - a country that is exotic - blend the beauty of two cultures, East and West. Humans can be said Turkey was one man who miraculously because they combine the beauty of Caucasians and Arabs. But I will not discuss the beauty or the beauty of its people but the uniqueness of the food in the land of the Sufis, Jalaludin Rumi.
 Before pedaling feet at the former center of the Byzantine Empire, I have heard many stories of Turkey and are often seen on TV or tourist brochures. Indeed, what is seen by their own eyes will look different to what it says on the picture. I do not say what the picture is an engineering but it seems more content to see directly. Unfortunately, the weather is very cold to the size of the Asian people like me made me a little shiver. But this does not make me stay put and hibernating with a thick blanket. I had a walk and see Istanbul is touted as a special city because it is situated on two continents, Europe and Asia.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque compound may be an attraction for tourists because this is the best spot in Istanbul. Areas inhabited by a series of famous tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Cami), Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia), Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayi), Basilica Cistern and the Istanbul Archaeology Museum (Istanbul Arkeoloji Muzesi) This indeed has been widely welcomed by domestic and international tourists.

Basilica Cistern

I think you'll find a lot and even had read the various discourses about places that I wrote earlier. So what is my attraction? The answer is Kumpir. Yes Kumpir! Not the doner kebab or who has worldwide and a typical food of this secular country. So typical Turkish food Kumpir huh? Probably not because of his trademark, but because of its unique. And plusnya you can spend a romantic evening and bertaburkan light coming from the bridge on the Bosphorus strait, you could miss it here! This place is situated beside the Ortakoy Mosque, one of the icons of Istanbul.

Kumpir are sold at a place like booth emerging in large cities usually peddle a variety of snacks. Kumpir made from potatoes that magnitude could make people faint. Yes it Gaban as big as potatoes halved unpeeled potato skin and flesh is mixed with butter and mixed with cheese. Hmmm .. the thought alone is making full yes. Moreover, (plus you can) add a variety of toppings that you want. The choice is sausage meat, chicken, vegetables, sauce, mushrooms, salad, mayonnaise and various other Turkish typical weird toppings.

Kumpir Ortakoy

 Presented live "fresh from the oven" make this food warm, delicious and tasty! Moreover, the atmosphere of the night was really supportive. Sitting in front of the Bosphorus bridge, I felt was in front of the bridge Pasopati in Bandung (haha.. No connecting).

Actually the food is not only Turkey but in several other European countries such as France, Russia, Sweden, England and also in the United States. But surely a little bit bored with Turkish food is thick with the aura of its Middle East. So if you do not just try to Turkish Kebab, doner or Iskender but do not forget to feel the uniqueness of the Kumpir this. And behold the mighty Bosphorus bridge and sturdy, a bridge connecting the continents of Europe and Asia.


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