Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Inhaling aroma of Tourism State Ginseng

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Well, after undergoing a test that takes energy and effort, releasing holiday fatigue that seemed so perfect.

You can start a tour of countries around Asia. For example, Australia, Hongkong, Korea, Taiwan, and others. Moreover, tourism in countries of this region belong to relatively more affordable than other countries.

South Korea, for example. In the school holidays such as Idul Fitri holidays, visit the State Ginseng menajdi exciting tour experience. In the winter. You can visit a number of resorts in South Korea for skiing. If do not want to ski, you can drink in the beauty panorama of mountain snow in South Korea. In fact, the beauty panorama of snow in South Korea make this country earned the nickname Everland Asia.

Not enough natural attractions, you can taste culinary trearuy of South Korea is known to be delicious. Taste of food, were generally in accordance with Indonesian tongue. For example, kimchi ,marinated vegetables and seafood that is not to be missed while visiting South Korea.

"In South Korea, and can visit the small village of French. Petite France its name, the name implies, banungan small village-style buildings in European style, "says Outbound Tour, TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com (27 / 5).

Set foot in this place even though located in Europe which Pried Loose and placed in South Korea. Shades of Europe increasingly thick with marionette shows.

Meanwhile, in June-July or the summer. You can visit the island of Jeju, Jeju Island will popularize its natural beauty which invites click amazed. The best time to visit Jeju Island is around August or September, or about the summer or autumn transition.

In the summer, you can see the green plants and flowers that bloom. Meanwhile, in the autumn, foliage and trees will change color to red-orange brown. Indeed, offering an interesting change of seasons from South Korea.

Shopping Tour

Travelling seems incomplete if home without carrying a souvenir. For that, you can visit and shop at Myeongdong. Myeongdong or Myongdong is a settlement in the administrative division Jung-gu, among Chungmuro, Namdaemun-ro, and Euljiro the majority of its territory is the commercial and business district. Nyeondong known as a pretty busy shopping center in South Korea.

Here, you will get a varied range of goods, whether made in South Korea and the product International. Prices of goods were relatively affordable to the people of Indonesia. The quality of the goods also may get a thumbs-up. However, be careful not to burst the bag because of too passionate shopping. Myeongdong is also the central South Korean fashion and "tongkrongan" young Seoul.

Few tips on shopping, you better look around first before deciding the choice. That way, you can compare prices and get the best goods. Do not forget to ask for business cards traders not to forget when you return to the venue.

Given the elegance and engrossed  holiday to South Korea, it can not wait visited this country.


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